Premarital Counseling


Premarital Counseling And Classes

Suppose you plan to enter a partnership, and statistics showed that 50 % of similar partnerships started in the United States each year eventually failed What would you do to make it more likely you were in the 50% that was successful Would you seek the advice of experts in that field Would you search for commonalities with your prospective partner

Fifty percent of all marriages in the United States fail. Couples who are about to enter this major personal partnership can improve their chances of succeeding by going to premarital counseling. Premarital counseling, whether religious, or online, or in a group setting helps engaged couples gauge their similarities and differences as they approach this union. Seeing a counselor before getting married is well worth the time and money that is invested in it. Premarital counseling is a positive way to lay communication groundwork between partners.

Statistics show that a couple who undergoes premarital counseling reduces the likelihood of divorce by thirty percent. This is the venue in which to discuss topics of child birth, child raising, life goals, financial goals and general philosophy of living. This proactive movement is mandatory in many religious circles, including the Catholic Church, which calls its counseling program Pro-Cana. Other Church premarital counseling exists, such as 'Engaged Encounter', and faith does go a long way toward strengthening a marriage bond. In some churches, members receive free premarital counseling.

Some people welcome the chance to be guided in therapy or counseling by a professional, yet others shy away from having a third party in their relationship. For those people who have social constraints or time issues, online, web based counseling services are available. For other more sociable couples there are group premarital sessions. These typically involve a questionnaire and evaluation and discussion. A couple who wants to improve their partnership success by thirty percent will look for the option in premarital counseling this fits them well.

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